Nice Matin 2017

"Beauty will save the world.”

 Title of the exhibition of WORLD WOMEN ART

 Salle Saint-Esprit in Valbonne, France

  02/09 October 2017



Beauty is not about charm or glow, the pretty, either the picturesque or the quaintness, nothing that seize momentarily the imagination, catch the spirit but leaves the heart indifferent. The beauty is a statement of grace where artwork becomes a masterpiece, because it does "resists to the immobilism, to the conformism, and to the formatted identity” It is an extension of the senses who opens to another point of view and representation of the world. Beauty, despite of the many differents standards according to the differents eras and continents, is universal. It is a primary song, an essential need inked deep inside us. It cannot be reduced to a composition that would simply be perfect and harmonious, it is in us by this call to the beauty, as Georges Perec says, "a way of being, to inhabit the world, to inhabit ourselves" then, it is a clear, affirmed and complexed position in front of the world, ahead the real, within the real. It is a kind of relationship with the existence, to the human community, to the destiny, but it is also a political project that focuses on the orientation that we must give to life. Beauty is subversive, because the artist, like the poet, is often the first one to rebel itself against the entrapment of thought wich come from the entrapment of language and freedom. Entrapment being then the instrument of a world, everyday more totalitarian. It is subversive, because it oppose itself to the denial of the human, to any organized and sclerotic's ideology which takes away our own thoughts, and empties us from our share of humanity. "One is not born human, one becomes one" said Jean Jaurès, and beauty implies living on earth in a more human way, instead of power, having and appearing, the beauty, art, dance, music, poetry and literature among others, proclaims the relativity of all knowledge, “the all that is”, except the essential, the human, human in its contact with the world, with the others, with himself, with nature. Beauty expresses an intense gaze on the world, on the real, a gaze translated masterfully in its technical perfection, inspired in its spiritual depth, admirable by the impact felt by the viewer and who finds in this artwork something that holds the magnificent, the divine, that spark that everyone can grasp in its search for the absolute and the understanding of human soul. "Beauty will save the world," and the world, more than ever today, needs beauty, because beauty pulls man upward, toward the best of himself, and not into the darkness of violence, unbridled sex, hatred, extreme egoism, and the desire for unscrupulous power. Beauty raises man to his inner light where he thirsts for harmony, ideal, perfect perfection, elegance, refinement, delicacy, these qualities that bring him to a marvelous world, life, of self and deplore, in a genuine and powerful way, a desire not for war but for peace, not for hatred, but for love, not for selfishness, but for sharing, not for discrimination, but for fraternity. Yes, beauty can awake to another dimension, open the heart and drive in a wish for a better world with a better humanity. The artists present here, all defend, each in their own way, the fragility of that thread stretched between darkness and light, between despairs and hopes...


 They bear a lucid regard, bearer of hope because in theirselves vibrate this desire for a different world where everyone could find their happiness there.

©Magda Igyarto

« La beauté sauvera le monde. »

(Fedor Dostoïevsky)

Cette affirmation de Fedor Dostoïevsky  en a déjà fait sourire plus d’un. Comment la beauté peut-elle sauver le monde ?

La beauté , ce n’est pas ni le charme, ni l’éclat, ni le joli, ni le pittoresque, ni le séduisant, ni le fascinant ,ni l’original,  rien de ce qui happe momentanément l’imaginaire,  saisit l’esprit , mais laisse le cœur indifférent.

La beauté, c’est un état de grâce où l’œuvre devient chef d’œuvre par l’expression d’un regard intense sur le monde, sur l’instant, sur un visage , regard qui se reconnaît magistral dans sa perfection technique , inspiré dans la profondeur spirituelle qui s’en dégage, admirable  par le choc ressenti par celui qui regarde et qui trouve dans cette œuvre quelque chose qui tient du sublime,  du divin. La beauté, comme l’esthétique, varie avec les époques et chaque époque produit ses chefs d’œuvre. Ils  se distinguent par leur perfection technique, esthétique,  mais surtout par une profonde harmonie intérieure d’où  se dégage leur dimension spirituelle, celle que chacun peut saisir dans sa recherche d’absolu et de compréhension de l’âme humaine.

« La beauté sauvera le monde » et le monde, aujourd’hui plus que jamais, a besoin de beauté, car la beauté tire l’homme vers le haut, vers le meilleur de lui-même et non vers les ténèbres de la violence, du sexe débridé, de la haine, de l’égoïsme à outrance et du désir de puissance sans scrupule. La beauté hisse l’homme vers sa lumière intérieure où il a soif d’harmonie, d’idéal , de perfection accomplie, d’élégance, de raffinement, de délicatesse, qualités qui l’amènent au merveilleux du monde, de la vie, de lui-même et déploient,  de manière authentique et puissante,  un désir non de guerre mais de paix, non de haine , mais d’amour, non d’égoïsme , mais de partage, non de discrimination , mais de fraternité.

Oui, la beauté peut éveiller à une autre dimension, ouvrir le cœur et pousser à vouloir un monde meilleur avec une humanité meilleure. Les artistes ici présentes défendent, chacune à leur manière, la fragilité de ce fil tendu entre la noirceur et la lumière,  entre la désespérance et l’espérance…Elles portent un regard lucide, porteur d’espoir parce qu’, en elles, vibre ce désir d’un monde différent où chacun pourrait y trouver son bonheur.

©Magda Igyarto